Denizen: Liberatory Technology

Our guests for this episode are Aden Van Noppen, Davion Ziere, and Dr. Sará King, the team behind Mobius. With historical and current advisors such as Jack Kornfield, Dr. Angel Acosta, and Krista Tippet, Mobius's mission is to activate a tech ecosystem focused on healing and well being. Mobius' work prioritizes support for Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer, youth, and others who are marginalized by the dominant tech sector.

In this conversation we discuss their vision for the technology sector and how Mobius' work seeks to enable it.

  • Sará, Zi, and Aden's visions for the technology sector [3:36]
  • Learnings form Mobius 1.0 [11:05]
  • Defining liberatory technology [16:56]
  • Mobius' theory of change [26:41]
  • Structures of accountability [32:04]
  • Mobius' trust and governing structures [34:46]
  • Sará's work with Mind Heart as an example of a liberatory technology [42:28]
  • Establishing Liberatory technology foundations [50:00]