The Science of social justice.

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[Centering] the  Neuroscience of Well-Being

At The Service of Social Justice

[Our Mission] MindHeart is a consulting firm that designs cutting-edge scientific research projects, workshops, seminars, and one-on-one healing experiences using the revolutionary framework of “The Science of Social Justice” developed by Dr. Sará King.

[Our goal]

Here at MindHeart, well-being and social justice are one and the same – one cannot exist without the other. We cannot effectively work towards social justice in our communities without taking care of our hearts, minds, and bodies, and vice versa. The Science of Social Justice is the study of the intersectional biopsychosocial impact of the psychological (mental), embodied (physiological), and relational (relationship-based) trauma that has resulted from centuries of systemic and institutionalized oppression for marginalized populations here in the U.S. and abroad.

In other words, it is the scientific study of how systemic oppression has an physiological, emotional and psychological impact that requires the creative development and use of contemplative and embodied practices that support a return to holistic health for individuals and communities.

[Our vision]

The Science of Social Justice is a way of both studying (researching) and teaching (facilitating) that is informed by an interdisciplinary framework that merges medical and cultural anthropology, political science, ethnic studies, feminist and queer studies, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, psychology, socio-linguistics, and public health.In all of our research projects, seminars, or one-on-one sessions, we first ask – “What is the intersectional dynamic of the particular issue of social justice that is impacting a marginalized person, group, or community?”We know that there is a combined social, psychological, and biological answer to this!

We then seek to investigate “How can the Science of Well-Being be put to the service of Social Justice?” in a way that honors, celebrates, and centers the unique cultural frameworks and communities where our work is engaged.From this vantage point, MindHeart can co-create a healing experience, narrative, or research project that is both evidence-based, as well as holistic and empowering for all stakeholders in its approach.

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Project Strategy

MindHeart can co-create a healing experience, narrative, or research project that is both evidence-based, as well as holistic and empowering for all stakeholders in its approach.

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MindHeart curriculums and workshops are explicitly meant to address issues that are at the heart of trauma and social justice. They are framed and designed to assist marginalized populations who are either working in the field of social justice (environmental justice; food justice; racial justice, LGBTQIA rights, etc.) and who therefore are navigating the embodied impact of being in service to those who are experiencing marginalization – or for those who consider themselves to be allies of the marginalized.

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We believe in creating safe spaces of empowerment where people can cultivate and experience loving-kindness and self-compassion – and by extension, we hope that these energetic qualities will positively shift the way they work and live, for the benefit of their entire community.

[Testimonial] What they are talking

I had the pleasure of attending one of Dr. Sara King's mindfulness workshops, and it was a truly transformative experience. Her knowledge of neuroscience and alternative medicine, combined with her passion for social justice and community healing, created a safe and empowering space for everyone in the room.

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As a fellow neuroscientist, I have had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Sara King on several research projects. Her dedication to her work is unmatched, and her insights into the relationship between mindfulness, social justice, and well-being have contributed significantly to the field.

Testimonial 2

Neuroscientist Researcher

Dr. Sara King is a dynamic public speaker who captivates her audience with her knowledge, humor, and empathy. I have had the pleasure of attending several of her talks, and each time I leave feeling inspired and energized.

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Conference Attendees


I had the privilege of taking one of Dr. Sara King's yoga and meditation classes, and it was an experience I will never forget.

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