Davion Ziere

Senior Advisor, Architecture & Alignment

Liberatory systems architect, artist, serial tech impact entrepreneur, world-bridger, speaker and writer. Founder: origyn.eco; Former #1 Sales & Training at Tesla. Board: Emory QTM.

Born in the Chumash lands of Santa Barbara, CA and raised a global citizen between Oakland, CA, Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, South Africa and more, Davion “Zi” Ziere is a person focused on being present and practicing holistic embodiment of the world we wish to live in.

Zi is the oldest of 9 kids and was raised by a decentralized village family of many cultures as he grew up between multiple households and ideologies of his parents and grandparents. Having to find a sense of stability amidst all the motion, Zi developed a very strong connection to the unseen by the age of 10. His travels and early revelations around energy and the possibility of a truly loving world would motivate him to dedicate his life to service and seeking how we might cultivate our reality in a way that encourages us to truly live while alive, as opposed to just existing and feeling constantly oppressed.