March 20, 2023

The true meaning of justice is loving-awareness-in-action

[Social Justice]

Here at MindHeart, well-being and social justice are one and the same – one cannot exist without the other! We cannot effectively work towards social justice in our communities without taking care of our hearts, minds, and bodies, and vice versa.

We are inspired by the idea that the mind and the heart are one and the same – so we lean into the power of contemplative practices that have been cultivated with the intention of strengthening the heartmind connection whenever we create workshops or experiences that are meant to be supportive of social justice in our communities.

In other words, Social Justice is both a biopsychosocial and spiritual phenomenon – so all of our efforts here at MindHeart to support the social justice movement attend holistically to the how the body, mind, and community are impacted by intersectional forms of harm and inequality, and lean into embodied and contemplative wisdom to help guide clients through their unique process of creating greater healing, safety, loving-kindness and compassionate presence in their communities.

The Science of Social Justice, as developed by Dr. Sará King, is the study of the intersectional impact of the psychological (mental), embodied (physiological), and relational (relationship-based) trauma that has resulted from centuries of systemic and institutionalized oppression here in the local US context as well as that which has been perpetuated through colonialism and imperialism on a global and international level.

The Science of Social Justice is an integral part of how all of our research projects, workshops, seminars, and curriculums are framed.